Let me introduce myself!

This is me and this is what I do! I help people transform their bodies and their minds so they feel better, live happier and healthier lives.

What do we have if we don’t have good health? And I mean physical and mental health.

I love seeing the transformation my patients and clients go through when they shift from living in pain and lack to living pain free and in abundance.

I work as an osteopath and NLP/Life coach, as I find the combination of both is really empowering for my patients and clients.

I have had specific paediatric training, meaning I am the only local osteopath specifically qualified to treat babies and children.

Outside of work , I have the privilege of being Mum to 2 amazing teenagers who are in their final year at school.

I’m mad about baking – and eating what I’ve baked! You will often see my creations on my Facebook page.

On weekend you’ll find me walking in the forest or the local hills with my two mad cockerpoos.

I LOVE personal development work and am often found engrossed in a book with a large cup of tea.

Catch me on Facebook or Instagram – search The Therapy Rooms, Macclesfield.