Your immune system and your healthy body

I came down with a really nasty cold and cough – no, not Covid!
Having been a health expert for so long I know it’s not just because the cold virus is circulating in Macclesfield and I have been exposed to it.
I believe there is more to it than just that.
Not everyone who gets exposed to a virus goes on to develop it. For example neither of my kids caught the cold.
So why did I succumb?
Truthfully, it’s because my body is a bit run down. Which means my immune system has been asked to do a lot!
I have been running full throttle for a few months now, dealing with all sorts of things in my business, my personal life, and my kids have just got through year 13 and taken their ‘A’ levels.
So how unsurprising when they got their grades on Thursday and got into their first choice of Uni, my immune system decided it could let its defences down and I got ill!
Frustrating, but not unexpected to me!
What’s the take away from this?
I believe our bodies are amazing and will support us, but every now and then they need a recharge too.
And it may be that recharge comes in the form of an imposed rest through illness!
So I rested, I had lots of honey and lemon to drink, kept my fluids up, avoided too much dairy and just ate small amounts so as not to overwhelm my system.
And that worked! I am now feeling tons better, still a bit hoarse, but on the mend.
I am so grateful that I have an amazing immune system which supports and protects me.
If you are interested in looking after your long term health, I have something very unique and special coming next month, so remember to follow this page to get the updates.

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